Thursday, December 18, 2008

December 18, 2008 - Act 2

Latest update... 1:30 p.m.

Mountain passes
Chains still required on Snoqualmie pass. All other passes have traction tire requirements, but I would suggest you have chains in your car just in case.

Thurston County
All lanes of I-5 Southbound are closed due to a multi-vehicle collision involving several semis and passenger cars at Maytown Rd. milepost 94.

Western Washington Weather
Expect periods of snow to continue through 2 p.m. or 3 p.m with 1-3 inches expected in Seattle / 2-4 inches in Bellevue. Temperatures will hover around 30 degrees this afternoon.
A large snow squall is moving though the I-5 Grand Mound area. It should pass in about an hour. For tonight -the skies will clear up and temperatures will fall to 18 degrees.
The Cascades will experience snow squalls throughout the afternoon and evening - the worst weather should occur between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m.

WSDOT Commercial Vehicle Services has restricted oversize vehicle movements in Western Washington due to the inclement weather.

SR 520
Westbound SR 520 at W Lake Sammamish Parkway is now open. The following ramps to westbound SR 520 are still closed: SR 202, Union Hill and West Lake Sammamish Parkway.

All lanes of northbound I-405 at Coal Creek Parkway near Bellevue are now open. An earlier disabled semi-truck blocked the left two lanes. The semi has now been cleared.

SR 599
SR 599 is closed at East Marginal Way. We are taking traffic off at SR 99 there. It's very very snowy.

Whatcom County
The latest road report from Whatcom County still shows compact snow and ice on most major routes. From Burlington to Ferndale, I-5 has compact snow and ice. North of Ferndale, I-5 is slushy, with bare wheel tracks to the pavement in most areas. Some roads have improved: SR 543, the truck crossing, is mostly bare and wet, as is SR 546 (Badger Road) north of Lynden and SR 548 (Grandview Road) northwest of Ferndale.

Eastern Washington
All state highways in Spokane, Whitman, Lincoln, Adams, Ferry, Stevens, and Pend Oreille County have compact snow and ice, or loose snow on the roadway surface. Over the next 24 hours, there is a possibility that the winds may increase across Eastern Washington. If this occurs, there could be blowing and drifting snow in many areas, especially in Adams, Lincoln, Spokane, and Whitman counties. These conditions could require the WSDOT close some highway sections until the wind subsides and the roadways can be cleared.

I will post more as I hear more. Will also continue to post updates on the Twitter account.

2 p.m. update:
Our site is running really slow, but it isn't something that is showing up on our monitors. Our network is only at half utilization, the servers are at normal use, we are looking into it and hopefully can get it fixed. We are as frustrated as you are, trust me.


Lindi said...

How does Hwy 12 between Walla Walla and Tri-Cities look?

Anonymous said...

Servers running slow could be due to other reasons -for e.g., there might be a router along the path to WSDOT site owned by an ISP that has a much lower capacity than the total bandwidth that's theoretically available to the WSDOT site. Or it could be that the bandwidth that WSDOT has is low enough that it will never result in enough incoming requests for the servers to get overloaded.

Jeremy Bertrand said...

HWY 12 betweent Walla Walla and Tri-cities report: 14 inches of new snow, one lane plowed to Pomeroy. We have every piece of equipment out on the road right now but the snow keeps falling. Highly recommend you stay home.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a million, this blog is great! And a twitter account? Genius. Someone deserves a raise..

Anonymous said...

WSDOT Commercial Vehicle Services has restricted oversize vehicle movements in Western Washington due to the inclement weather."

Could you post more about these restrictions in reference to SB I-5...Seattle area?


Anonymous said...

yes, the twitter idea is indeed genius. At least someone in the govt is thinking ahead.

Gloria said...

This is prety cool: twitter, flickr, youtube... Its good to see wa dept of transportation doing online-marketing! Twitter was very helpful today. Would love to see Seattle Metro twitter as well!

Brinstar said...

Agreed. Whoever thought of using Twitter, Blogger, and Flicker is awesome and forward-thinking (much like the Obama campaign used Web 2.0 to its advantage). It's great to see government being with the times and putting Web 2.0 to good use.

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