Monday, November 3, 2008

Snow in the forecast tonight

The first of what we would call a significant snowfall of the season could hit the mountain pass highways tonight.The National Weather Service says expect six to 10 inches - with the heavier amounts above 4,000 feet. The snow level could drop to 2,500 feet for a few hours overnight. I-90 Snoqualmie is about 3,000 feet while US 2 Stevens is higher at 4,000 feet and US 12 White reaches about 4,500 feet. For those travelling into the higher elevations - expect it to come down much heavier and last longer.

Our crews are keeping a very close eye on the National Weather Service and receive updates all day from the weather forecasting service we contract with. Having access to both services gives us an idea of where and when to schedule our crews.

Even with both these tools, we need your help. We have all seen the drivers out there who just don't have a clue. Please don't be one of those...get your car ready, get yourself ready and when you see ice or snow, take it slow.

We have it all here - take a look and be ready.

The forecast says the weather should warm up by later tomorrow morning so if you aren't ready to drive in the snow, I would wait until it clears up.