Monday, November 3, 2008

Flickr site surpasses 2 million views...

This weekend we surpassed 2 million views for our photos on the photo sharing site Flickr. An amazing amount of use for the short time we have been using this photo sharing tool. We started using this site shortly before the Tacoma Narrows Bridge opening event in July of 2007 and have continued to upload photos to it ever since. I have to admit, mother nature gave us a little help, there were a few pretty amazing events that happened over the last year or so that have really created use for us. Let's hope she isn't so helpful this year.

Here are the top five most viewed photos so far:

I-5 at Chehalis

Avalanche on Stevens Pass

Mudslide on SR 6 near Pe Ell

I-5 at Chehalis

I-90 Avalanche control work

See this list and more in ranked order, or you could also just check out our favorite photos. Hope you enjoying seeing these as much as we do.