Monday, November 10, 2008

Chuckanut Drive rockslide

Crews from Granite Construction worked through the weekend near milepost 11 to clear the roadway and stabilize the hillside after a rockslide Friday, Nov. 7. Crews are working today to remove unstable rocks and trees from the hillside. Work is expected to be complete Monday evening

Crews pulled approximately 100 yards of loose rock and debris off the hillside. A couple of the rocks that came down were so big that they had to be broken into five or six pieces before they could be hauled away. (For perspective, a dump truck can haul approximately 10-12 yards of material.)

Crews initially hoped to clear the area and reopen the road Friday, but the rockslide became too dangerous when more rock fell from the hillside while crews were working in the area.

Crews were worried about a second slide, at milepost 13.7. The concern was warrented as it dumped 300-400 yards of rock on the roadway. No more concern but a new spot to cleanup! Good thing they had the road closed already.


Miles said...

Anyone hear an update on this?

Dustin Terpening said...

The road is still closed. We've had three slides in about a weeks' time. The third slide, at milepost 13.3, is significantly bigger than the previous two. We've cleaned the road and stabilized the hillside in the first two spots. The third spot is going to be a lot of work. It's probably going to take several weeks to stabilize the hillside and clear the road. Right now there are rocks on the road that are the size of cars. There's approximately 20 dumptruck loads of rock and debris on the road right now. And that doesn't include all the unstable rock still dangling from the hillside.

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