Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Chasing Water - today at WSDOT

At WSDOT, the maintenance crews call what they are doing today "chasing water." The regional maintenance teams will be out checking drainage in flood-prone areas. They look in our roadside culverts to make sure the water is flowing and clear any spots that may need some help.

I have a feeling that's what a number of the news reporters will be doing today, too. At least that's what they were showing last night and this morning. Weather is always a big story and if the forecasts are correct, we may see quite a bit before tomorrow morning.

Here are some tips for drivers - slow down, believe those road signs and don't drive through standing water. Check our website. It will have the latest information on what areas to watch. Our law enforcement partners are out - helping slow traffic. We have also turned on the highway signs and Highway Advisory Radio.

And those living in flood-prone areas, it's a good idea for you to check the drains on your property.