Thursday, October 2, 2008

I did it, I took the bus...

I did it. I took the bus. Wasn't as easy as I thought. I read the schedule wrong and luckily another bus rider pointed me to the right stop so I didn't take as direct a route as I wanted but I still got to work.

I kept talking about it, about how much in gas money it would save me, about how much better I would feel about the amount of emissions I am putting into the environment. I finally did it this morning, and you know what, it feels really good! Now that I have taken this first step, I plan to do this much more often.

But what about you? Each of us get to work somehow, and unfortunately many of us via a car. But what drives you to get into that car every day? If you know you are contributing to congestion, you know the price of gas is burning a hole in your wallet and you know that you are contributing to pollution, why get in that car?

What if you could reinvent your commute. What would it look like?

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The Geezer said...

Like the good spinmeister you are, you only gave us the happy talk, youngster.

How much longer, how much personal or family time did you give up to take said bus? Did you meet any new friends? Did you sit in piss? Did you even get to sit?

Tell us the whole, story, young 'un, and you still owe me an answer about why Sherman Pass got bounced from the thumbnails page.

The Geezer

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