Friday, October 31, 2008

Brief web site outage...

We are moving equipment around late Saturday night, which means the Web site will be down from 11-3 a.m.

Ferries information, the 5-1-1 information line and most of the Web site will be unavailable during this brief outage. This is one of those moves that is kind of like reorganizing the garage. We will be consolidating and organizing network and server equipment to make sure that if an event happens and causes something to go awry we will know exactly where it is to fix it.

If we do have that major event, like the flooding we had last year, we are excited about the opportunity of using tools like this blog, Twitter and Flickr to make sure you will always be informed of what's happening out there on the roadway.

On a seasonal note, the traffic management centers that provide 24 hour pass reporting start up again this Saturday. Here's hoping for a much milder winter than last year. Unfortunately for me, due to an ACL tear this last summer, my ski plans are off for the winter so I won't be paying as much attention to their reporting as usual. But I do find it reassuring that whenever I need the information to travel over I-90 or US 2 they will have it up to date.

For those of you who have mobile devices with internet access we have added pass reports to the mobile traffic site. Just point your mobile device to to get the same information we report on our Web site, after or before Saturday night of course.