Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Road trips...

What is it about driving that we love so much? Is it the instinctive nature of humans to want to roam? Is it the sense that there is adventure out there somewhere?

Those thoughts come to mind as I reflected on a recent summer vacation when my family and I took a road trip. We started in Olympia, drove up through Seattle, took the Mulkilteo-Clinton ferry (which is far too short of a ferry ride to really enjoy, but just enough to eat a fantastic Ivars lunch), then headed up Highway 20 through Whidbey Island - including Oak Harbor - and across the Deception Pass bridge - definitely a must see; what a view. We then stayed with some family in Mount Vernon for a couple of days, then came back down I-5 back down through Seattle, Tacoma, and back home to Olympia.

The highlight of this trip for my kids was definitely the ferry ride. My oldest had already been on a ferry before and was very excited about the opportunity but my youngest hadn't yet and was very curious and definitely picking up on her older sister's excitement. It was fantastic to see the glimmer in their eyes as we rode across the water towards Clinton. I lost count of the number of times that they went to both the front and back of the boat, arguing in that childlike way about which side was the front.

But trips like this to some folks are more than just an adventure, they are a hobby. Take David Corcoran for example. His goal is to drive every single state highway in the country. Not sure exactly where he started, but he has almost completed his goal for this state. What is even more interesting is that he has documented most of his journey from his Web site http://www.washingtonhighways.org/.

As the summer winds down, the leaves start to change color and you reflect on your summer, what was your favorite drive? What was the most scenic adventure you took in Washington state? Where is the point on the state highway map you would like to go next?


Anonymous said...

Some of us don't love anything about driving, and would rather have more trains, thank you very much.

Jeremy Bertrand said...

One of my favorite trips is taking the Amtrak Cascades to Portland. Unfortunately, on this particular trip we had to pack our camping gear to stay a couple of days in Mount Vernon. If I have the time to prepare in advance, and didn't have to pack the family tent, I would much rather take the train, it's such a relaxing ride.

Jamie Holter said...

I see a song here... "I rode the bus and I liked it... the smell of rubber tires.."

Anonymous said...

For a truly memorable road trip, how about a 'Washington Autobahn?'

Design speed/speed limit: 100+ mph (unlimited in rural sections, electronically variable in urban areas).

Minimum curve radius: 12,000 ft

Enforce Keep Right Except to Pass (and make passing on the right ILLEGAL)

Hard right shoulders that will turn into a carpool lane during rush hours using electronic overhead signs.

I mean other than cost, why wouldn't we want Washington highways to look like these?






Yeah...I know...in my dreams... :P

David J. Corcoran said...

I'm a little late to the party here but I am the David Corcoran-

Washington is the first state I have completed, I'm going to school at University of Puget Sound. Now that I've finished Washington I'm moving onto Oregon, and then hopefully once I graduate I'll be able to find a job that will allow me to tackle the whole country.

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