Friday, August 1, 2008

Traffic was rough on I-5 northbound this morning...

What a morning. The theme of the day seems to be semi rollover day. We had two blocking incidents that caused severe backups.

Northbound I-5, near Tumwater, a semi truck rolled over at about 3 am carrying 40,000 lbs of drywall. Tractors and dump trucks were on scene picking up the mess. Wet drywall is not an easy cleanup. More photos... Get the latest update on this situation.

Then about 5 am, near Tukwila, a diesel truck overturned. To make matters worse, there was a hole in the side of the truck and has the potential to leak. We needed to make sure we could do everything we can to make sure the diesel does not spill into the Duwamish River. The Ecology spill unit was on the scene to assist. They need to offload all of the diesel onto another truck before they could right the semi.
Get the latest update on this situation.

On a side note, our Web site was receiving very high amounts of traffic due to these two incidents and we had to put up a text version of the Seattle traffic site to make sure you can stay informed.