Friday, August 15, 2008

I-405, Wilburton tunnel removal, round two...

Southbound I-405 is closing again this weekend. It's the second of three scheduled closures to remove the Wilburton tunnel.

How did you hear about last weekend's closure? Or better yet, did you hear about last weekend's closure? Were you able to avoid it?

Whenever there are significant closures the alternate routes are also affected. Here are some of last weekends numbers to give you a better understanding:
  • 7,000 fewer cars on northbound I-405
  • 5,000 more cars on southbound I-5
  • dramatic increase on 520 - up to 25,000 additional trips, a 153% jump over normal use
Did you meet traffic in places you didn't expect?

Will you miss the tunnel when it's gone?

We would love to hear from you, let us know how your plans will change, or have gas prices changed your weekend plans so much that this won't even affect you?

View photos and video of last weekend's work.

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Anonymous said...

Good work on getting rid of that tunnel, as I shall now look forward to traveling down that road without any satellite radio interruptions.

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