Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Got an idea?

One of my co-workers stumbled on this site and it generated a lot of talk within our office. A cabinet office in the UK has come up with a very clever campaign entitled, "Show us a Better Way. Their slogan is:"Imagine a government agency that asks people what they want, and rewards them for good ideas." (http://showusabetterway.com/) The best part is that they are offering a cash reward to implement the best idea.

Although we don't have any money to offer, what would you like to see us do differently on the Web? We are always looking to improve, innovate and make WSDOT information and services easy to access and use, but what are we missing? Could we make simple changes and provide big improvements? What service do we offer that you wish could be improved? Is there WSDOT data that you'd like to see? Do you struggle to find something because it's hidden under a topic you hadn't thought of?

Please don't posts rants, but if you have implementable ideas we would love to hear about them. What could we do to improve the information or services we provide?


Anonymous said...

We lost something from the top of our cartop carrier (forgot to close it) and saw it fly into the grass alongside the road. Does WSDOT have a "found" area where such things are kept for a time as the airlines do? How might I access that info? If you don't have that service, please consider adding it.

Anonymous said...

I want to thank WSDOT for providing the service of e-mail messages. I understand better what is going on, thus not so frustrated when I come upon work being done. I can plan to leave earlier as there are no surprises.

Gerry Wooldridge said...

Suggest adding an invitation to comment on the HOT/HOV changes to SR 167 and their effectiveness. "We want to hear from you about the HOT/HOV lanes on SR 167."

Anonymous said...

I would like to see traffic models on the website. Make it so that it will help drivers predict traffic patterns.

Anonymous said...

NO, the DOT does not keep all the garbage found along the highway. It would take huge warehouses for all the clothing, shoes, tires, patio furnature,... get the point? Its called securing you load. You just commited a $500 infraction.

Stryker said...


I live in Auburn and work in Redmond. I ride a motorcycle on the days that I can (60 mpg). The lanes are fuller but not to bad. I like the double white line. Makes the drive smoother not having people darting in and out of the HOT/HOV lane, although alot of people dont care about crossing the double white line. The main problem with the double white is that if you get behind a slow poke, your stuck and its very frustrating. 405 stinks in the eveing, even the HOV lane so I keep to the back way. E Lk Samm/I90/18.

The Geezer said...

Don't post a rant? You mean that WSDOT doesn't believe in free speech?

Not all the sheeples are as eloquet as the highly paid WSDOT spinmeisters.

One man's rant, is another's rave, so suggesting not posting rants is, well, curious.

Besides, if you would just not give us reason to post rants.......hey, thas' the ticket. Tell Santa that is what I want for Christmas, a big sack of WSDOT giving no reason for me to post rants, which you majorly censor, anyways.

Off to take my meds, I am,

The Geezer

Anonymous said...

For the most part the web site is very useful. One area for improvement is technical: traffic pictures and video clips are sometimes an hour or more out of date. The video clips aren't time stamped so it is hard to know what is real and what is not. Improving this would be great as this has been a problem for a couple of years.
The second improvement area reflects, I think, what "anonymous" said regarding traffic models. I would really like to see time-of-day traffic volume plots for individual sections of highway so we can plan commute times. (billp)

Anonymous said...

I spend almost no time with your website, but the e-mail content is absolutely great. I publish a local newsletter and include WSDOT alerts frequently. Wonderful service. Keep up the good work!
Roy Lesher, Camano Island,

Anonymous said...

Why couldn't WSDOT use some of the $492 million to match existing funding to widen SR18 or at least immediately improve I-90 interchange? At minimum, there should be connecting overramps to I-90 to relieve traffic congestion from everyone waiting for a left lane signal. Nickels funding for this went into effect 2003, so why is this project getting the backburner compared to other projects?

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