Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hopefully its the last snow warning

I don't know about you, but I'm about as excited for this latest snow warning for the Cascades as I would be for a root canal. We had a record setting winter with snowfall in the passes, and just when we thought we were in the clear, here comes more snow. I'm ready for an extended weather forecast with nothing but pure golden sunshine.

Many of our snowplow trucks had already been decommissioned from snowfighting for the spring and summer. And, many of our crewmembers had already switched to springtime/summer work, like mowing grass, tackling weeds, striping lane lines and sweeping roads. But, its back to winter, temporarily. Maintenance technicians spent most of Monday reattaching snowplow blades and doing other prep work.

For some of the higher elevation passes like Rainy and Washington on SR 20, crews keep a few trucks outfitted with plows and deicers because it's not uncommon to get snow into early July. However, when talking to our maintenance crews, many of them will tell you that its rare to get snow this late in spring. I mean, we're only 12 days away from the first day of summer.

Just in case you were curious what our trucks get used for besides fighting snow, I've made a list below. We use our trucks year-round. They came in handy for:
  • Dump trucks

  • Haul damaged guardrail

  • Empty the sweeping truck

  • Haul asphalt for paving

  • Haul shoulder rock/gravel

  • Cleaning out ditches

  • Haul sand to sand sheds for winter

  • Hook trailers to and haul equipment like backhoes and paving machines

  • and oh so much more.

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The Sharp One said...

yeah, well, with all this global warming going on, I learned that I need to be aware of Polar Bears. Saw one last weekend up the North Cascades. Musta been a refugee from one of those melting icebergs.

Actually, you still have a fully chained up front loader and Kodiak up on Hy. 20. Doubt you will need that much firepower, but it is nice to know you are so optomistic, and forward looking.

If you want to use it, how about plowing Artist Point?

The Geezer

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