Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Busy week...

The first full week of summer and wow, what a week! Lots going on around here, sorry if this seems a little scattered but I thought it fascinating that there is so much going on all across the state in the land of WSDOT.

  • The Hood Canal Bridge will have a 45 minute closure tomorrow June 26, they are building the new pontoons off site and need to make sure they will fit when they are floated in next spring.
  • The SR 520 bridge project had an open house last night, June 24 and will have another one tonight, June 25. You can also attend an
  • The Viaduct project is having an open house on June 26. The recent inspection showed no additional settlement, so we are good, so far.
  • The SR 169 bridge near Black Diamond decided to take a dip, 10 feet of dip, so there are crews out there stabilizing that hillside.
  • US 12 - Frenchtown to Walla Walla project, building eight miles of new four lane divided highway to make us 12 safer to drive.
  • I-90 Hillside stabilization project wrap up - making sure no rocks fall on the roadway
  • We launched new wait times for all four Canadian border crossings.
  • There is an open house in Bellingham on Thursday to talk about the future of I-5 through that area.
  • A schooner ran aground and a couple of ferry boats were able to help
  • Manette bridge, in Kitsap county, is closed to reinforce the bridge

We had another reminder recently also of how dangerous work zones can be. A flagger was working in a work zone and was struck and killed. Summer is construction season since the weather is nice enough to get a lot done on the many projects all across the state. Please drive safe out there and Give 'em a Brake whenever you pass through a workzone.

This only scratches the surface of what is going on with us. If you are interested in keeping up with these types of updates and more be sure to check out our Express Lane. It's a weekly roundup of news and activities.

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Jim Grapes said...

Wow, we have plenty of construction in Spokane causing all kinds of detours and traffic issues but is due to WSDOT.

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