Monday, March 31, 2008

SR 20 - North Cascades Reopening - Snow Doughnuts

SR 20 - Snow Doughnuts
Originally uploaded by wsdot.

Not quite as exciting as last year, but the snow doughnuts are back again this year.

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The Geezer said...

Only a WSDOT spinmeister would call snow doughnuts "exciting".

Git yer finger off the delete button, relevant comments are below.

Now, yes, these are not of the quality of last years, but I do appreciate the snow doughnut aficionado that works for the WSDOT and bothers to take these pix.

Too bad ya can't open the sucker sooner, so we sheeples can see them in person.

Oh, and condolences on your Kodiak.

The Geezer

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