Thursday, March 13, 2008

Improving your experience on the Good to Go! site...

We are constantly reviewing and analyzing the way you use our site and making changes to improve the way we offer you information. Most of the time we try to make slight changes so that the overall experience isn't too effected. In this case we made significant changes to a site and want to let you know about it and give you the opportunity to let us know what you think of it.

We are very excited to announce we have launched improvements to the Good To Go! site. This page is the access point to get to your Good To Go! transponder for tolling on the Narrows Bridge and more. This site allows you to access your account information and verify payment, billing and more.

We made these changes based on feedback you sent us and made it easier to get the information you need, but we won't be happy with it unless you are happy with it.

Is it clearer and easier to use or do you hate it and wish it was back to the old version?

Let us know.


Anonymous said...

It would be helpful if the blog had a feature wherein the text could be made larger. As a senior citizen, that's always helpful.

Thank you,

Jonathan Bradley

The Geezer said...

As a fellow Geezer, Jonathan, I feel for ya bro.

Here is what you do, depending on your browse and mouse.
Click inside the text on the blog, then roll your mouse wheel, while holding down the Ctrl key.

That will make the text larger or smaller on most browsers. If it gets smaller, roll the other way.

The young whippersnappers that run this blog do not appear to have the infirmities you and I have.

The Geezer
"Voted most likely to be not published on this blog, due to censorship"

Anonymous said...

What happens if you have a transponder and two people in the car?

If it is a HOV lane also, I should not have to pay a toll-fee if I have a passenger with me and a good to go pass in my windshield.

How are you going to know if I am an authorized HOV user?

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