Friday, April 20, 2007

Tacoma Narrows Bridge Expansion Joint - Round 2

The second Narrows Bridge expansion joint is scheduled to travel across I-90 sometime around noon on Monday April 23. If all goes as planned, it will spend Monday night at the Rye Grass rest stop. Once they reach North Bend it will only travel during night hours. An overnight stay is planned in Federal Way and the expansion joint will arrive at the bridge site on Wednesday.

Just as before, we have made sure that you can track its progress as it crosses the state. The Web team took the time to check and double check the wiring on the GPS device and are going into this round with lessons learned and confidence that it will be up the entire time (crossing our fingers).

Site Usage
When the first expansion joint came across the state, we estimated over 10,000 people accessed the truck tracking page on April 11th and 12th . We are very curious to see how many of you will be interested this second time around.

We want your photos
An event like this doesn't happen very often and we want to include you in this historic occasion. Send us your photos of the truck along its route and we will display them on the map. WSDOT has created a Flickr account (see photos) that will allow us to plot photos of the second expansion joint and display them on our tracking map.

Happy Tracking...


Anonymous said...

Filling my Eclipse gas tank today, $$$, I got wondering what is the capacity of the gas tanks on this really big rig, how often do they have to stop for gas and how many miles per gallon does the rig get? Appreciate a response. Am enjoying following this cross state trip.

Jeremy Bertrand said...

The rig can carry a total of 150 gallons of diesel, but because the load is so large it only gets 3-4 mpg. They have a mobile fuel company that refuels them so they don't have to drive around town and find the lowest price station.

Anonymous said...

I'm really curious about how fast they went up the Vantage hill. It's 10 miles of long steep grade. It would be a bummer to get stopped in the middle of it too!
Thanks for the great site!

Anonymous said...

Tracking this enormous task from Jacksonville,Ar. Originally from Yakima,was up there in November for the "Big Rains". The passes at that time with the down pours were really crazy....can only imagine this task even with all the professionals!

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