Thursday, April 26, 2007

Electronic Tolling Comes to Washington – Are You Good To Go?

On April 25, we opened the doors to the Good To Go! customer service center, ushering in a new era in driving in state of Washington.

It was quite a feeling of accomplishment seeing so many people line up at the new customer service center in Gig Harbor, knowing how many hundreds of hours of work went on behind the scenes to get the program to this point.

For more than a year we have been telling people that when the new Tacoma Narrows Bridge opens this summer, Good To Go! will allow drivers to pay tolls without stopping at a tollbooth. Apparently that message was heard loud and clear.

During the first day of operation, over 2,100 people signed up for Good To Go! accounts, ordering more than 4,800 transponders. Over 86 percent of accounts were opened online. In fact, the response was so great that the web site was pushed to capacity and some people were not able to get through online. We had to issue a news release this morning encouraging people to keep trying.

The electronic tolling system uses a small transponder inside the vehicle’s windshield to link to the customer’s prepaid account. Each time a vehicle approaches the toll collection area, the antenna reads the transponder and the system automatically debits the toll from the Good To Go! customer’s account, allowing drivers to maintain highway speeds.

With the response so far, we think that Washington drivers are anxious to save time by using the electronic tolling system. Similar systems are operating across the country. What has been your experience with electronic tolls in other states (or other countries)?

Posted by Janet Matkin, Good To Go! communications


The Geezer said...

My experience in other places is that the folks that design these schemes have their head sufficiently outside of thier bum to not charge emergency vehicles, whether on a run, or just crossing in the normal course of business.

WTF (What the Fred to you flatlanders and bureaucrats) are you guys thinking?

The Geezer

elevatingyourbusiness said...

My understanding of this, is that once we run out of our $30 that we'd be billed for another $30. However, I've been billed and have a balance of funds in my account. What gives?

Jeremy Bertrand said...

If an account is set up for automatic replenishment, it is replenished once it gets to a minimum balance. The minimum balance threshold can be any amount. In most cases, the minimum balance threshold is $6.00

When the account falls below the minimum balance, the account will automatically be replenished with a minimum of $30.00, or the amount chosen when the account was opened.

Hope this answers your question,

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