Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ready for the first pitch?

This week (March 25) WSDOT held a media event in Seattle for a "first pitch" of spring of a different sort. Our engineers were pitching what could potentially be the biggest story of the summer. Traffic headaches.

Thanks in large part to the 2003 and 2005 legislative funding packages, WSDOT has nearly 400 projects under construction this summer throughout the greater Puget Sound Region. This will be the summer of orange. Cones, barrels, paving equipment, earth movers. It's a veritable summer-long "Bob the Builder" festival.

We are working hard with contractors to do this work with the least amount of disruption to drivers. But the fact is that 400 projects scattered throughout the Puget Sound region will disrupt traffic.

We have some tools to help you navigate the chaos. You can check out our traffic conditions on-line. You can call 5-1-1 while on the road for real-time traffic updates. We even have a new "small" site for those who like to browse with their mobile devices.

This summer we'll ask for your patience. We'll ask for your help choosing different routes or deferring trips. We'll ask that you slow down and hang up the cell phone when driving through work zones.

In return, we'll wrap up work ask quick as we can. And, we'll open projects that improve traffic flow and make the roads safer.