West Seattle Bridge interchange: Construction closures this weekend

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

By guest blogger Jamie Holter

Crews will replace expansion joints on the I-5 ramps that
connect West Seattle, Columbian Way and Spokane Street.
Don’t be surprised by construction. Know before you go in SODO.

This weekend, the first weekend in January, marks the official start of WSDOT’s 2013 Seattle area construction season. Construction crews will close the southbound I-5 ramp to the West Seattle Bridge and the westbound Columbian Way ramp to the West Seattle Bridge.

Traffic will be busier than usual as drivers wind their way to the West Seattle Bridge using the Viaduct, South Lander Street, Forest Street, First Avenue South and Fourth Avenue South.

During this weekend closure and the next 10 weekend closures, crews will replace 50-year old expansion joints, pieces of steel that run across all lanes and allow the bridge to bend and flex with heavy traffic and the freeze-thaw cycle.

 Each weekend closure will be a different ramp. Drivers who want to take the guess work out of construction closures can check the color-coded map (pdf 515 kb). Engineers have planned out each weekend closure between now and April.

Don’t be surprised by construction. Know before you go in SODO.

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